About us

Climaxtrend(CT) is a social forum platform where you can read post update from different category of important information, not just a news platform but more, as you can earn from the platform for reading and commenting on the news you read. this idea is to empower the youths, bring encouragement to us.

Our Mission

To educate, empower, and inspire youth and community development.
Our Core Values:

Integrity : We act with honesty, uprightness, transparency, and without compromising the truth; we strive for a high moral character in all our actions.

Innovation : We always evolve new creative ideas that can add value to life and change the world

Excellence : We give our best to the task at hand at all times; with dedication and commitment we put our heart and mind in the work to get the best.

Safety : We create and ensure a safe and trouble-free space and experience for everyone.

Teamwork : We value cooperation, using our individual skills and providing constructive feedback to get everyone on the same page; we work collaboratively with people and organizations in order to achieve a goal.

Equality : We believe in fairness, objectivity and mutual respect; we have no room for discrimination.

Sacrifice: We take ownership and go the extra mile, placing others before self.

On Climaxtrend, you can learn as far as you can ;

1. Content Creation
2. WhatsApp Marketing
3. WhatsApp Automation
4. WhatsApp Hack (Contact Gaining for marketing)
5. Video Animation
6. Design like a pro with your SMARTPHONE
7. Airtime to Cash
8. Paypal approval course (The GOLDMINE)
9. Upwork Approval Course

Climaxtrend is registered with the Nigerian Cooperate affairs commission (CAC) with RC NO 3158759