As fuel scarcity resurfaces in Lagos, Nigerians react.

Fuel lines have emerged in sections of Lagos State, the country’s commercial center, prompting reactions.

Fuel shortages began last week but exacerbated over the weekend, leaving passengers stuck and forcing motorists to wait long hours at filling stations, according to Climaxtrend


The fuel shortage was said to be caused by a supply disruption to independent traders in Lagos and other parts of the country.


Many vehicles waited up to buy fuel in certain filling stations in the Alimosho region on Monday morning, while many filling stations along the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway were not selling fuel.

Many of the state’s filling stations are out of stock, and the handful that are selling have enormous lines. Fuel shortages have exacerbated traffic congestion in several regions of the state, resulting in long lines at gas stations.


As a results a result of the development, some Lagos residents went to the microblogging platform Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the state’s fuel crisis.