Cheapest Universities in the UK for International Students

The UK has a long history of higher education, and it’s easy to see why. The country is one of the wealthiest in the world and has a strong work ethic that makes it a great place to study. However, studying in the UK does not come cheap but this article is here to help you with some of the cheapest universities in the UK for international students.

The UK has two types of universities: public and private. Public universities are funded by the government, while private institutions are privately owned. Public universities tend to have lower tuition fees but can still be quite expensive. Private universities usually have higher tuition fees than public ones but offer more flexibility in terms of course selection and academic programs.

Many foreign students choose to study at public universities because they offer a great range of majors and degree options that suit their interests. However, some public institutions do have higher rates of acceptance than others, so it’s important to consider which one might be right for you before applying.

The 10 Cheapest Universities in the UK for International Students

If you’re an international student seeking to study in the UK, one of the first things you’ll have to decide is where to apply to study. This is a major decision that can affect your entire college experience, so it’s important to do your research and make sure you choose the best university for you.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a university, but there are also some easy ways to find out which are the cheapest universities in the UK for international students.

The first thing you should do is look at their tuition fees. The lower these fees are, the better chance you have of getting into a good university without spending too much money on tuition. After all, if you’re going to be paying thousands of pounds every year at school, why not make sure that it’s going well?

You should also look at what kind of financial aid they offer if they don’t charge high tuition fees like many universities do these days. There are many scholarships offered by different companies and organizations that will help cover some or even all of your expenses if needed.

If you’ve been thinking about studying in the UK, there are many universities that are suited for international students. With a wide range of courses and a reputation for excellence, these universities will be able to help you develop your career and make connections with people from all over the world.

Below are the cheapest universities in the UK for international students:

1. Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University is one of the most affordable universities in the UK for international students. Staffordshire University is a public university located in Staffordshire, England. The university has a student population of over 30,000, and it is one of the largest in the UK.

Staffordshire is a member of the Russell Group of research-intensive universities and has been ranked as one of the best universities in the UK for research by The Guardian newspaper. The university has over 70 different academic departments that are made up of more than 100 different specialities.

Staffordshire offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a variety of fields including business, law, psychology, mathematics and science.

Tuition Fees Academic Year 2022/23:

Computer Science BSc (Hons)£14,000Master of Business Administration (MBA)£15,500

2. Teesside University

Teesside University is a university located in Middlesbrough, England. It was founded in September 1930 and is currently ranked as one of the cheapest universities in the UK for international students. It is also one of the most popular choices for international students, with a reputation for being welcoming and accommodating.

The university offers a wide range of courses, including undergraduate degrees and postgraduate programs. The most popular subjects include business studies, history and philosophy, geography, computer science and engineering.

If you’re looking for a university that offers great value, looks after its students and staff, and has lots of extra activities on campus, then Teesside University could be perfect for you!

Full tuition fee for the courses starting from Sep 2022

Full-time undergraduate course £13,000 (per year)
Full-time postgraduate diploma course £12,400
Two Year Master’s degree £15,000 (£7,500 per year)
Full-time research degree (standard tier) £11,750 (per year)
Full-time research degree (enhanced tier) £14,500 (per year)
Doctorate in Health & Social Care £13,000 (per year)

3. Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University is one of the Cheapest Universities in the UK for International Students. The University is a public institution founded in 1824 and located in West Yorkshire, England. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various disciplines such as business, computing, engineering, law, politics, psychology and sociology.

Leeds Beckett University has many facilities for its students like residential halls, sports grounds and gyms, student clubs etc. It also provides scholarships to its students so that they can continue their studies without any financial problems.

The university has an average student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1 which makes it easy for students to interact with professors and teachers face to face. Leeds Beckett University has a lot of career opportunities for its students both during their studies as well as after graduation.

Annual Tuition Fees (Non-EU)

4. Leeds Trinity University:

Leeds Trinity University is one of the affordable universities in the UK for international students.

With an average tuition fee of £12,500 per year, Leeds Trinity University has a reputation for being one of the most affordable universities in the UK.

It is also ranked as one of the best universities for international students who are looking to study in the UK, with students reporting that they felt well prepared for their coursework and exams.

Leeds Trinity University has an impressive record when it comes to student retention rates, with over 97% of all students graduating within four years.

Tuition Fees Academic Year 2022/23

Three-year undergraduate degree course £12,000 (per year)
Two-year undergraduate degree course £12,000 (per year)
MA Childhood and Education £11,500
MA Creative Writing £11,500
MA Family Support £11,500
MA International Business £12,500
MA Journalism £12,500
MBA £12,500
MA Mental Health in Children and Young People £11,500
PhD, MPhil or MBR (cost per year) £12,500
MSc Psychology (conversion) £12,500
MA Victorian Studies £11,500
PGCE £12,500

5. University of Cumbria:

The University of Cumbria is a public university located in Carlisle, Cumbria. It was established in the year 2007 and has over 7,000 students enrolled. If you’re looking for a university that’s affordable, the University of Cumbria is a great choice.

The university has been ranked as one of the cheapest universities in the UK, so if you’re looking to study abroad and save money, this is one of your best options.

It’s also one of the most popular universities for international students, so if you’re thinking about studying abroad and want to make sure you get into a good school, UOC could be an awesome choice.

Tuition Fees Academic Year 2022/23

Bachelor’s degree (BA, BSc, LLB)£12,800

6. London Metropolitan University:

London Metropolitan University is one of the affordable universities in the UK for international students.

As a university, London Metropolitan University offers a wide range of courses and programs with high-quality teaching staff and facilities. With over 60 years of experience in education, as well as many years of experience in higher education, London Metropolitan University has established itself as one of the best universities in the UK.

The university has many programs and courses that are at or below the cost of other universities in London, so it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most affordable universities in the city.

If you’re interested in studying abroad for your degree or certificate program, London Metropolitan University is a great choice for both you and your family. Their affordable tuition rates will help offset some of the costs associated with moving overseas, like plane tickets and housing accommodations.

Tuition Fees Academic Year 2022/23

Full-time honours degree (BA or BSc)£13,200Master’s degree (Data Analytics – MSc)£13,750

7. The University of Bolton

The University of Bolton is one of the Cheapest Universities in the UK for International Students

The University of Bolton is one of the UK’s oldest and most prestigious universities, offering a wide range of courses to students from all over the world. It is located in Bolton, Greater Manchester, and was originally founded in 1982 as a teacher training college. Nowadays it offers more than 100 undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses to its students. The university also has several research centres and institutes that work with industry partners to develop technologies for use in the industry.

The university wants to make sure that every student who comes here has a positive experience, so they work hard to create a welcoming environment and support students in their transition into university life. They know how important it is for students to feel supported as they make their way through their education journey, so they offer numerous services like counselling and mentoring programs that will help guide you as you navigate through your studies.

Tuition Fees Academic Year 2020/21:

International Foundation Semester £4250
International Foundation Year £8500
Pre-Masters Semester £4250
Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits) £3750
Undergraduate courses £12950 (Per Annum)
Postgraduate (excluding MBA) £12550
MBA £14450
MPhil, PhD £10170
PhD by publication £12715

8. Buckinghamshire New University:

Buckinghamshire New University is one of the affordable universities in the United Kingdom for international students. With a low tuition fee and strong academic reputation, it is an excellent option for those seeking a degree abroad.

The university has a reputation for being welcoming, supportive, and helpful to new students. It’s located in Buckinghamshire, which is close to London and other major cities. The university offers a range of courses from undergraduate degrees to postgraduate degrees.

The university has a variety of programs designed specifically for international students from all over the world, and it offers affordable tuition fees as well as a wide range of scholarships and financial aid options.

Tuition Fees Academic Year 2021/22:

Full-time Undergraduate (BA/BSc (Hons), LLB (Hons), BEng, FDA, FDSC)  £9,500
 Full-time Postgraduate courses (MA/MSc, MEng, LLM) Excluding MA
Advertising, MBA
 Full-time International MBA 180 credits £10,600
 Full-time International MBA 120 credits  £7,200
 Full-time International MBA 60 credits  £3,600
 Full-time Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management  £7,200
 Full-time MA Advertising  £11,800
 Full-time Foundation Studies Art and Design  £6,300
 Full-time International Foundation Programme  £8,000

9. Coventry University

Coventry University is based in Coventry, England, United Kingdom and it was founded in 1992. Coventry University is one of the UK’s most affordable universities. With over 30,000 students enrolled at Coventry University, it’s no wonder that you’ll find a wide range of opportunities for study here.

Coventry University offers a number of benefits to international students, including:

  • A special discount on tuition fees for international students (full-time only).
  • Access to scholarships and awards for international students with an English language requirement.
  • Offers a wide range of courses to choose from, including business and management, engineering, computing and mathematics, psychology and social work.

Tuition Fees Academic Year 2020/2021:

Accounting and Finance for International Business (Top-Up) BA £11,250
LONU004 Global Business (Top-Up) BA £11,250
Global Business Management BA £11,250
Global Marketing (Top-Up) BA £11,250
International Finance and Accounting BA £11,250
International Hospitality and Tourism Management (Top-Up) BA £11,250
Global Business MBA £15,000
Global Financial Services MBA £15,300
International Fashion Management MBA £15,000
International Marketing MBA £15,000
Oil and Gas Management MBA £15,000
Global Financial Trading MS £12,800
International Fashion Marketing MSC £12,800

10. York St John University:

York St John University is one of the cheapest universities in the UK, offering a vibrant learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities and excellent facilities. It is located in the city of York, which is famous for its historical architecture and natural beauty. The campus is situated on two sides of a river that flows through the middle of town, which makes it very easy to get around by foot or by bike.

The university has over 90 different clubs and societies that cater to all interests and hobbies. There are also numerous sporting clubs on campus so if you enjoy playing any sport, this will be an opportunity for you to do so at no cost whatsoever!

There are many opportunities for extra-curricular activities outside of normal college hours as well; students can participate in music festivals, theatre productions, sports tournaments or just hang out with friends over coffee while studying.

Tuition Fees Academic Year 2020/21:

Post Graduate Research£9,500


Moving to the UK and choosing a university on the other side of the world can be tiring, so we’ve tried to make it as easy for you. Of course, many other factors go into deciding where to study in the UK besides tuition fees. You might want to think about things like location and city life or a smaller town.

Think about what courses and programs they offer, what facilities they have available (and whether these suit your needs), whether you’ll be able to stay with family members overseas who live close enough by to visit them during breaks from school etc… There are plenty more considerations besides tuition alone – but we hope this helps give some direction if finances are one of your main concerns!


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