E don happen – Reactions as Deji and Chichi spotted as Duvet removed while they were doing the do [Video]


The two reality TV stars and lovers, Chichi and Deji, have received criticism and comments after upsetting people with their aggressive behavior.

Cùddl ve!ng & Ki$$ing Session last night following the Pepsi Nigeria-sponsored celebration on Saturday.

Big Brother Nigeria Deji, a fake housemate, and Chichi were seen having a hot time together as they both went through a sequence of Cùddl! ng & Ki$$ing were so close to removing the s#eet that they use to hide from live cameras.



This has actually sparked a lot of responses from internet users, with some calling for the popular reality television program to be stopped and banned in Nigeria and throughout Africa due to the consistently rising level of!nt!m@cy between housemates who may have forgotten their reasons for participating in the program.

Although for some viewers these circumstances and behaviors are exactly what they signed up for, they want everything to be as hot as possible and don’t want a dull moment. However, some believe that the major prize of $100,000,000 should be the main focus, not people’s relationships.