Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi has expressed that he has been a victim of police attack, in spite of his position.

Fayemi made this known on Wednesday during a virtual event hosted by the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies.


The meeting was organised to discuss Nigeria’s security challenges.


Fayemi stated that there are issues that are beyond the powers of governors despite being the chief executive of their states.


“No matter how powerful you are as a governor, there are issues that you do not have control over because this is an over-centralised state as I mentioned earlier,” he said.


“The governor may direct his police commissioner but the inspector general of police (IGP) may tell the police commissioner not to respond to that order.


“I have been governor for some time and I have been a victim of police attack even as governor. So people should not make any exaggeration about the powers of governors.”