Five Powerful Ideas for Creating a Great Team

The key to success is having the correct team. Use these five strategies to assemble your team.

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Most of us have been on winning and losing teams, whether in sports, business, or in life. We are aware that the appropriate team can make a huge difference. In the advertising industry and more recently as an entrepreneur, I have assembled numerous high-performing teams throughout the years. Here are five suggestions about what makes a winning team.

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mutual values

Although having same values may seem like a simple idea, you’d be shocked at how frequently the core staff is not in agreement. Even while they may believe they are all rowing in the same direction, the problem ultimately stems from a lack of basic alignment with your core beliefs. Fortunately, this is a problem that may be avoided and resolved. The secret is to do it as soon as your business is formed.

Consider carefully which values are core to your company, formalize them, and adhere to them. Even if your company does, they shouldn’t. Hiring individuals who share similar beliefs is protection against disconnects that can waste time and money.

Of course, taking a step back to explain will only help if you have an established firm and these underlying issues. But doing it later is far more difficult because eventually, there will be folks who feel they didn’t necessarily sign up for the idea (once they know it). Therefore, when you sort through it, be ready for some disruption in your staff. You will do better if you keep in mind that the goal is to construct for the future.


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Confidence and esteem

It is much simpler to build a team with people you respect and trust. That sometimes results from prior relationships or from a degree of openness and authenticity that enables people to do their best work. When you encounter a challenge, which every organization in the modern era will face, trust and respect are priceless.

The last thing you need while facing serious business issues is to fear that someone on the team has a different strategy or isn’t doing their share. Your whole focus should be on finding solutions to business issues. There are advantages and disadvantages to hiring friends, but in my experience, as long as you are aware of their skill set and talents, it is preferable.

Why not spend time with the people you want to spend time with when you spend so much time working? Just keep in mind that everyone has a unique work ethic, a unique working style, and a unique set of incentives. Be ready, don’t take it personally, and part ways amicably if they decide that life has other plans for them. It’s a good idea to have as many supporters as you can.

Continually be positive

Negativity is the fastest way to destroy a team (and your company). Some people have a tendency to be pessimistic by nature, whereas others do. Eliminate all of the toxic people from your team, and surround yourself with those who see the world “glass half full.” If you can’t stop an opposing force, at least control it so they don’t contaminate the rest of their squad with their doom and gloom. I know this is sometimes easier said than done.

Assign antagonistic team members a particular assignment where they are not in charge of the entire team. The team’s goal must be something they truly believe they can achieve and will be successful. When it seems hopeless, it generally is.

Choose complimentary abilities

I’ve known many of entrepreneurs who founded their companies alongside a partner who was practically a carbon copy of themselves. Even though this occasionally works, I’ve discovered that it’s usually much more successful to identify folks who have complimentary skill sets that are different from your own. To properly understand what skills you need and where you are lacking, you must do a little soul-searching.

Finding employees with the necessary skills is considerably simpler if you are able to identify them. People stepping on each other’s toes while attempting to complete the same tasks while no one is in charge of other crucial duties is not fun. People may require help realizing their strengths. What people claim to be good at and what they actually are good at don’t usually match up, in my experience. People are better able to perform when they are placed in the correct position.


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Transparency plus communication equals

Nobody enjoys doing work in the dark.

Even if you believe you are conveying a vision or goal, it frequently takes several repetitions of the principles for them to become ingrained. Lack of open and clear communication runs the risk of giving the impression that you are not being honest. So, take certain actions to guarantee that the team is informed. Hold routine team gatherings. Post weekly summaries. To communicate important milestones, use Slack. Whatever benefits your staff is fantastic. The key is to maintain discipline and adhere to it.



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