How to Choose the Best Technology for Game-Changing Development

How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Business to Experience Game-Changing Growth

How to Choose the Best Technology for Game-Changing Development


You can succeed or fail based on the technology utilised and how it is used.


The average enterprise-level company is thought to employ more than 75 technological tools. It is obvious that businesses are aware of the potential for growth that this might provide, even if they are a little hasty in implementing it.

Understanding some of today’s most common use cases will help you see the possibilities of these solutions if you’re still unsure of how they can improve your company.

increased productivity

Automation is one of the most obvious ways firms are utilising technology to support growth. Both routine and important jobs that don’t demand a lot of thought or insight from your team are handled by these technologies. They free up more time for staff to concentrate on higher-level tasks while also lowering the possibility of human mistake occurring when doing a repeatable, low-level operation.

For instance, research indicates that using marketing automation systems can boost sales productivity by 14.5% while reducing expense by 12.2%. By assisting marketing professionals in better lead identification and lead nurturing, marketing this software results in an increase in leads.

Other duties that aren’t as directly related to customers can benefit from automation. It can handle a variety of “behind the scenes” operations that expedite your job and increase efficiency, such as processing invoices or time-off requests or synchronising calendars for scheduling meetings.

According to Darryl Seland’s article for Quality Magazine, “[this leads to] not simply the removal of workers from the equation, as has been incorrectly suggested in the past, but to aid workers by passing off the “tedious” aspects of their work to technology, leaving them in a place to concentrate on more important tasks. Although the growth in technology can give the impression that it is, the idea of pressing a button and letting the machines do all the job is far from reality.

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enhancing client interactions

Building long-lasting brand loyalty can be largely influenced by positive brand encounters. According to Microsoft research, 69 percent of consumers believe that providing excellent customer service is crucial to maintaining their brand loyalty.

According to a blog article from Envision Consulting, “Businesses are increasingly providing online chat features on their websites so that potential customers can communicate with a representative immediately. Customers may receive answers to their queries or address their complaints more rapidly because to the participatory nature of online chat.”

The appropriate technology can also lead to more individualised experiences that increase the likelihood that customers will make a purchase. Monitoring user behaviour on your website can reveal information about the purchases that a user is thinking about making. Afterwards, this can be applied to email or social media marketing that are more specifically catered to a user’s preferences and actions.

Better data translates into better judgement.
You could lead your business in the incorrect direction if you don’t have reliable information to support your choices.

Once more, technology may stimulate growth by assisting decision-makers in using data to support their choices. Not only do technological resources aid in data collection and aggregation, but many technologies also offer analytical insights based on this data to aid in decision-making.

Notably, a PwC survey of over 1,000 senior executives revealed that “very data-driven” firms were three times more likely to see significant advancements in their decision-making processes than their less data-driven counterparts. Having greater assurance that you’re making the proper decision can help you be more aggressive in achieving necessary change.

Information silos that frequently appear in larger businesses can be destroyed with the aid of technological solutions that collect and analyse data. This enhances departmental communication while providing your entire team with a more comprehensive view. It is possible to become more productive and provide better customer experiences when everyone has access to information that can help them perform their jobs more effectively.



The moment has come.

According to a recent survey of 2,000 American adults conducted by Propel Software, inconsistent product information was the main reason why customers “broke up” with a brand they use.

There is no doubting that the proper tool set may greatly streamline your business processes. Even tasks that don’t appear to have a direct impact on your revenue can spur expansion by enhancing your productivity and improving your capacity to serve clients.

You can locate tools that help you advance your company and accomplish the enormous growth you’ve been expecting to achieve by analysing your needs and the available possibilities.



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