Juliet Ibrahim, an actress, has stated that her previous rape trauma had no bearing on her ability to find love again, praizemedia report.


“My past does not effect my future,” she remarked in an interview with Saturday Beats. Yes, the past might be painful, but we are supposed to leave it behind and learn from it. Many individuals flee from or dwell in the past, but I have always believed in the positive aspects of life and any situation. “After sexual assault, it is possible to establish a healthy relationship.”That aspect of the interview (with Chide Jideonwo) was not a recent experience for me. It occurred more than a decade ago. Every rape survivor recovers in their own unique way, and each victim speaks forward when they are ready. When a rape victim is mentally and physically ready, they open themselves to loving again. I appreciate God for allowing me to love again after my previous experiences.I am currently single, but I am a passionate lover who is open to (falling in) love with the right man. As a hopeless romantic, I have a lot of love inside of me.” “Nearly one in five women would have endured ‘full’ or attempted rape during their lifetime,” she said of the steps she took to recover. One in every three female rape victims was raped for the first time between the ages of 11 and 17. One in every eight female rape victims claims to have been raped before the age of ten.


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She added ; Ninety percent of rape and sexual assault victims are female, whereas nine percent are male. Nearly all of the perpetrators are men.”


“I recently enrolled in Berkeley College in New York City, United States of America, to acquire a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Communications,” she said of her most recent endeavors. I’ve been balancing online classes with acting and filming. It’s been a rollercoaster ride—hopping from one set to the next, moving between cities and countries—but I wouldn’t change a thing.”.