The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, has lamented over the recent attack on Borno, Yobe, Benue, Niger, Imo and other parts of the country.

The former Governor of Lagos in a post on Twitter said the attacks have affected the military and security forces in the country.


Tinubu called on Nigerians not to play the blame game, but work together against the enemy because “discord will only invite defeat.”




He said, “Like all decent Nigerians, I am angered and troubled by the terror and cruelty being visited upon the people of Borno, Yobe, Benue, Niger, Imo and other parts of the nation.


“These attacks have caused many to disparage our military and security forces. This we must not do. Valiant men and women serve in our security forces, risking their lives to protect us.


“We stand with them. Government also must continue to encourage the security forces to do their utmost to subdue this threat. The lives of innocent Nigerians and the future progress of the nation may lie in the balance.




“As a people, we must never surrender to the fearful temptation to blame one another. Regardless of region or religion, we must unite against a common foe. Discord will only invite defeat.


“The enemy’s attacks seem to focus on our schools, religious institutions and security forces. They seek to extinguish the light of knowledge and hope by shrouding us in the darkness of fear and brutal ordeal.


“We must not tremble. They will be vanquished. In the end, tolerance, justice and compassion shall win the day.”