Are you aware that Banking and finance careers in Canada are top-notch careers? If you are not, relax while you learn about the numerous job opportunities and career growth in this sector.

Banking and finance careers offer many opportunities for growth and advancement in Canada. There are a variety of positions available, from entry-level positions to those with more experience. Many banks and financial institutions also offer training programs that can help employees develop their skills and knowledge.

Immigrants are not left behind in Canada because the country is ranked second among employers of financial experts worldwide. You can start your career as a bank teller or financial analyst, work your way up the ladder, or become a banker or financial professional. Whatever path you choose, you’ll need to have strong math skills and knowledge in accounting and financial analysis.

Job opportunities in the Banking and finance careers in Canada 

A certified banker or financial expert with plans of immigrating to Canada for a job will have access to numerous Jobs. Also, people with a diploma in banking and finance will equally have job opportunities to tap from.

However, Canadian jobs and career opportunities are grouped by the National occupation code (NOC). Therefore, you must know the NOC code for the banking job you want to apply for and its minimum qualifications.

In addition, in November 2022, the Canadian government will migrate from the four-digit NOC coding system to five-digit coding. This new code will take into consideration of Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities (TEER) to group occupations in Canada. This is against the skill-based grouping that is currently in use.

#1. Finance Manager jobs 

You will find job roles like financial administrator, director of finance, treasurer, director of accounting, and director of the finance service. These jobs are categorized under the Canadian national occupation code 0111. You must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in courses like Accounting, banking, finance, etc.

#2. Financial brokerage, Insurance, and real estate managers Jobs

Suppose your desire for banking and finance careers in Canada is related to real estate, insurance, or brokerage; that’s great. It is because these job roles are in high demand, especially in cities like Ontario, Toronto, and British Columbia of Canada. You are likely to find jobs in capacities like stock trading manager, real estate manager, Financial Brokerage Manager, and insurance manager. The NOC code for these jobs in Canada is 0121. The minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree will be required for these roles. You will have a higher chance of being employed in Canadian banking and finance jobs if you have professional qualifications.

#3. Banking, credit, and other investment manager jobs

The NOC code 0122 is where you will find jobs in this category. The good news is that there are numerous investment opportunities in all the provinces and territories of Canada. So job security and availability are extremely high in Canada with a platform to build your career in banking and finance. You will play managerial roles in any job you secure in these categories. The job opportunities here are Bank Manager, credit manager, commercial bank manager, consumer credit manager, and mortgage manager.

#4. Financial accountant’s and auditors’ job 

Suppose you are a certified and skillful accountant or an auditor; you can find jobs under this NOC code 1111. Express entry remains the best pathway to Canada as a foreigner. Alternatively, you can immigrate to Canada through the Provincial nomination pathway as a skilled accountant or auditor.

#5. Financial and investment analysts’ job 

Saskatchewan and Quebec are top provinces in Canada; you can easily secure jobs relating to financial and investment analysts. You will play the role of a Financial Analyst, Investment Analyst, Portfolio Manager, or Financial Services Research Associate. The duties and responsibilities of these jobs are under the NOC code 1112. Q

#6. Brokers, investment dealers, and security Job 

You can work as a Broker, Foreign Exchange Trader, Mutual Fund Broker, Securities Agent, or Stockbroker under NOC code 1113. You can find these jobs in places like British Columbia, Surrey, and Toronto.

#7. Other financial Officers’ Job 

These jobs are available to people qualified and capable of working as Financial investigators, Financial planners, and Mortgage brokers. Job under these titles is grouped under the NOC code 1114. So If you are employed in any Canadian financial institution, your job roles or duties will be under the NOC code.

#8. Insurance office workers and job 

If you’ve experienced in banking and finance careers in Canada, you can secure supervisory jobs in most provinces. Your job title can be Bank Clerks Supervisor, Bookkeeping Supervisor, Payroll Supervisor, or accounting Supervisor. Jobs under this category are under the NOC code 1212.

#9. Accounting technicians and bookkeepers Jobs

The demand for workers related to the job role of accounting technician, bookkeeper, and finance technician accounting bookkeeper is high in the Canadian banking and finance sector. So if you desire to build your career in this pathway, you can quickly secure a job. But it would help if you met the minimum academic qualifications. The NOC code for these jobs is 1311.

#10.  Insurance adjusters and claims job 

Having the knowledge and experience in insurance allows you to get a job in Canada under NOC 1312. For example, you can work as an insurance adjuster and claim examiner. You will find these jobs in most provinces in Canada, but the level of demand or availability differs.

#11. Insurance Underwriters Job 

You can build your career in the Canadian banking and finance sectors if you’re an insurance, liability, or property underwriter. The duties and responsibilities of insurance underwriters in Canada are categorized under NOC code 1313

#12. Assessors, appraisers, and valuators’ jobs

Under this NOC code 1314, you can work as a real estate appraiser, property assessor, or business evaluator. The job opportunities are available even in the smallest province of Nova Scotia in Canada. So your dream of building a career in this sector can be fulfilling in Canada, but your degree qualification is a must-have.

#13. Customs, ship, and other dealers Jobs

If you wish to work and build a career in finance brokerage in Canada, you can work under the NOC code 1315. You can secure jobs with titles like Customs Broker, Cargo Broker, and Ship Broker.

 #14. Accounting and Clerical jobs 

Jobs under this NOC code 1431 are readily available in all provinces in Canada. If you are employed by any banking and finance institutions in Canada, you can work in different units as a clerk. A title like accounting clerk, audit clerk, billing clerk, finance clerk, or tax clerk will be your employment rank or status.

#15. Payroll administrator’s job 

The job of payroll administrators in Canada is sensitive because their duties are related to salary verification and coordination. The NOC code for payroll administrator jobs in Canada is 1432. You can work as a paid advisor, pay clerk, payroll officer, or salary administration officer.

#16. Banking, insurance, and other financial clerk jobs

Financial Institutions like real estate, banks, stock, and insurance need the services of clerks for their efficiency and productivity. Therefore there is job security if you decide

to progress in this cadre under the banking and finance careers in Canada. Jobs in this category are on NOC code 1433. You should expect roles like a bank clerk, credit clerk, Mortgage clerk, Real Estate clerk, and securities Clerk if employed.

#17. Collectors Job

Jobs like the tax collector, Collection Clerk, and Collection Officer are on NOC code 1434 in Canada. So their duties and responsibilities are restricted to the NOC code.

Recruitment procedures for jobs in Banking and finance careers in Canada 

The recruitment process for banking and finance jobs in Canada is in three stages, the application stage, screening stage, and interview stage.

The steps to follow are:

Submit an application 

This step will be taken when you are done with research on requirements and the application deadline by your prospective employer. Then, you proceed to apply either online or offline.

Mobile Screening 

If your application is received and reviewed, you will be called on the phone for a conversation. The discussion will focus on what you offer about the job roles you applied for. So you need to be prepared and provide accurate and expected answers simply and concisely.

Interview/ Test 

The next step is to write tests or exams to examine your capacity and experience further. Also, the interview will be conducted to observe things like your level of confidence, manners, and communication skills.

You will be contacted to receive your employment letter if you are successful. But if you are unsuccessful, you may try another financial organization again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is a banking job in demand in Canada?

Yes, it is because banking and finance careers offer many opportunities for growth and advancement in Canada.

Why do people love to build their banking and finance careers in Canada?

 Banks and financial institutions offer training programs to help employees develop their skills and knowledge. Also, the remuneration package is highly encouraging, so all you need for job satisfaction are in Canada.

How much does a banker earn in Canada?

A banker in Canada doesn’t earn below $40,000 per year. However, if you have enough work experience, you will make higher than an entry-level banker.

How can I start my banking and finance Career in Canada?

If you’re interested in building your career in the Canadian banking and finance sector, there are different routes you can take. You can start your career as a bank teller or financial analyst, work your way up the ladder, or become a banker or financial professional.


Banking and finance careers in Canada have numerous job opportunities and progressive career pathways with perfect sustainability plans. You can also immigrate to Canada to study and build your career from scratch. It would help if you took note of the upcoming upgrade of the Canadian National occupation code (NOC) this year.