Transfer: Ferguson is told by Bent to leave Ten Hag alone because of Ronaldo.

Ferguson is told by Bent to leave Ten Hag alone because of Ronaldo.

Darren Bent, a former member of the Tottenham Hotspur team, has urged former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson to “stand back” from the team’s battle to keep Cristiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford.


Bent thinks Ferguson’s presence could hurt Erik ten Hag’s chances of succeeding as manager.


Ronaldo has not participated in United’s preseason schedule and is attempting to depart Old Trafford this summer.


The 37-year-old international from Portugal wants to be a part of a squad competing in the Champions League next year after Manchester United could only make it to the Europa League.


The football legend has insisted on leaving Old Trafford despite Sir Ferguson’s attempts to talk him out of it because he wants to keep up his progress in Europe’s premier league.

The talks are said to have involved Ferguson, who brought Ronaldo to Old Trafford and managed him there for six years. Ferguson made a rare appearance at Carrington.


Bent feels Fergie should “stand back” to avoid the possibility of undermining United’s incoming manager and claims the “circus” around Ronaldo can only be harmful for Ten Hag’s season-long preparations.


He told talkSPORT, “Alex Ferguson is the best manager in the history of Manchester United and the Premier League.”


“I’m not sure how it would feel to have someone like that supervise the choices you make.

“It would be wonderful to see Fergie back off and give Ten Hag a proper chance.


You can’t, in my opinion. You release him after making an effort to acquire as much money for him.


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