Transfer: Potter is forewarned by Wright-Phillips about a Chelsea star who will cause issues if Tuchel is fired

Following Thomas Tuchel’s dismissal, former Chelsea player Shaun Wright-Phillips has warned the team’s new coach Graham Potter that attacker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a “maverick” and might cause issues at Stamford Bridge.


Aubameyang and Tuchel were coworkers at Dortmund, and this summer, they agreed to a two-year contract with Chelsea that includes an additional year’s option.


Wright-Phillips, however, thinks Aubameyang might be negatively impacted by Tuchel’s exit.


“Well, I don’t believe Aubameyang will regret the transfer because he’s trying to join in for a major club in Chelsea, wonderful club, amazing fans, and he’s back in the Premier League and playing Champions League football as well,” Shaun Wright-Phillips said in an interview with Fair Betting Sites.


Therefore, I doubt he’ll protest excessively.


I believe that the challenge or adjustment that they both will have to make is whether the new manager will be like, will he be a Maverick or is he going to be harsh, which doesn’t seem to work for Aubameyang.


He appears to enjoy doing things that Aubameyang enjoys. It’s hard to change your character, therefore I don’t think you can say you are leaning with the new manager. However, as long as he works hard for the team and scores you goals, you have to allow him some leeway.


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