UEFA president, Aleksander Ceferin, has insisted that all 12 teams that joined the European Super League, will face consequences.

However, he noted that some clubs might face lesser punishment, for quickly opting out.


Six teams from England and three from both Spain and Italy, announced on April 18 that they would be forming a rival competition to the Champions League.


Following fan protests and threats from governing bodies, all six English teams dropped out within 24 hours. They were followed by Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan on April 20.


As things stand, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and AC Milan have not formally withdrawn from the competition.


“Everyone has to take consequences for what they did and we cannot pretend nothing happened.


“You cannot do something like that and just say: ‘I’ve been punished because everybody hates me.’


“They don’t have problems because of anyone else but themselves. It’s not OK what they did and we will see in next few days what we have to do,”


Ceferin told the Daily Mail.