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  1. Telefoot report that Arsenal will soon make a concrete offer to sign Houssem Aouar from Lyon, planning an initial bid of more than €40m for the player.

  2. This is non-sensical. You believe in grades, whereas most graduates, who came out with first class & second class upper can’t defend their results, because some of them cut corners.
    But,you decided to ignore graduates who did not meet up to the standard grade.
    This is really disheartening, because many graduates whom you disregarded as a results of their low grades are the ones striving hard but due to some challenges they encountered at school(e.g financial issues, failure to compromise to some lecturers seduction or tricks of taking advantage of them, health issues, etc) they end up getting low grades.οΏΌοΏΌοΏΌοΏΌ