The issue of weight loss has been a major concern in society today. The dangers of obesity have put fear in the mind of both young and old. Although, being overweight comes with a lot of medical issues and challenges.

Physically, overweight doesn’t just stop at one’s appearance or outlook. It goes beyond not looking pleasing to the eyes or not beingable to fit into trends. Generally, overweight does not only make one feels uncomfortable walking around nor does it stop one not being able to do what he/she desires but also affects the whole body and system. Being overweight doesn’t always mean a healthy diet nor does it point to healthy living because all it points to is a long-term terminal disease if not controlled.

There’s no need to be stressed about this; all you need to do is to follow through with this article to help you understand all you need to do to achieve that desirable body. Long-term weight loss demands a complete change.

Always remember that the fat you are trying to burn did not happen in a day. So also, the journey of weight loss is not going to happen in a week. All it demands from you is consistency.

Here are 12 tips to aid your weight loss journey and achieve your dream body.

1. Plan your meals

Instead of adjusting the proportion of carbohydrates, protein, mineral salt, vitamins, and fat in your diet, what you should focus more on is “reducing the intake of calories”. One of the best ways to stick to a diet plan is to add to a diet instead of completely taking away from a diet. Adding to a diet doesn’t make it difficult to stick to your meal plan because you won’t have the feeling of changing your diet. By adding to your diet, you increase your intake of good food which helps mob out the bad food.

People who wish to lose weight must clear their kitchen of every processed food and junk and endeavor to plan their weekly breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks and also make sure to abide by the planned diet. For assistance in tracking your daily, weekly, and monthly diet activities, you want to purchase a diet journal planner.

2. Eat Rightly

Have you heard of protein is the king of nutrients? While growing up, you must have had the notion that protein is one of the diets that aid obesity. Were you also told that protein helps the body to burn calories during digestion and metabolism? Eating a high amount of protein makes you feel more full and helps reduces your appetite for food.

Examples of food often rich in nutrients and healthy to eat include

Whole grains such as oatmeal, rice, etc
Due to their low calorie and fat content and high fiber content, which acts as a natural appetite suppressant, fresh fruits and vegetables are a good source of weight loss.

Food that looks healthy but must be avoided are;

Red or refined meat
Baked food
Food with excess sugar, butter, and oil
3. Engage in physical exercise

As difficult as this may be, exercise has proven to be one of the most effective yet difficult ways to aid weight loss. As little as sacrificing 10 minutes every day to burn that fat with exercise, people find it difficult to be consistent with it. Engage in little things that don’t look so little like

Press up
Climbing stairs etc
4. Withdraw from liquid calories.

Avoid carbonated or improved soda drinks such as alcohol, juice, etc. These are known to be ” non-beneficiary calories because they only provide one with additional energy content without any nutritional value.

Never mistake dehydration for being hungry as it makes one eat unnecessarily. Always aim to stick to water or tea and coffee.

5. Keep a food and weight diary.

Keeping a portion of food and a weight diary has been beneficial to a lot of people trying to burn fat. It gives the consciousness of every food eaten and also helps to keep a record of every improvement in the body. You might decide to choose a mobile app or probably get a paperback journal for this.

6. Do not skip breakfast.

Skipping a meal doesn’t aid in weight loss. You might end up missing an essential nutrient when you skip a meal which might leave you hungry throughout the day. Most times, breakfast contains essential nutrients needed by an individual.

7. Read food labels.

In the same way that you wouldn’t love to consume a drug without reading the leaflet, you should also learn to read food labels. They contain information that helps you check if your food is high in fat, added sugar and salt – or low in protein and healthy fats.

Reading a food label gives you the consciousness of what you are about to eat and the percentage of every nutrient in it.

8. Do not ban food

Banning a particular food will only increase your hunger for such food especially if it’s a food you’ve gotten used to. Instead of staying away from a specific food, select how many calories you should take daily. Ensure to keep to the limit you’ve set.

9. Eat food rich in fiber

Food rich in fiber can only be found in food gotten from plants such as fruits and vegetables, grains, pasta, lentils, etc. Food rich in fiber always leaves you feeling full which is very essential in your weight loss journey since you wouldn’t crave for food as long as you still feel full.

10. Avoid junks

Generally, junk food is known to have a high percentage of calories in them. To be successful in your weight loss journey, you need to stay clear of junk. Instead of junk(chocolate, sweet biscuit, and sweet drinks), why not go for a healthy snack like fruits, oatcakes, unsweetened cake, salad, unsweetened popcorn, cabbages, etc?

11. Drink water

There are times the only thing needed for the moment is a glass of water. Mistaking dehydration for hunger can make you take extra calories inside you. Increase your intake your water as this will leave you feeling full.

12. Be optimistic

Weight loss is a gradual process. It doesn’t happen in a day. It takes commitment and consistency to achieve this. Always remember that some days might be difficult to adhere to and some days you will feel like giving up. When you pick up a positive mindset, you can achieve whatever dream you have and bring it into reality.


When people make long-term lifestyle adjustments, it is possible to lose weight and keep it off. There is no “break” from leading a healthy lifestyle, which is necessary to maintain weight loss. People should be free to treat themselves to a nice meal out as long as they don’t stray from the path of a wholesome diet and regular exercise.