Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

You’re welcome to our Battle Finale Of Legend for the Group D Phase

Mayorkun and Wizkid are the two leading artistes in GROUP E

The comparison of these artistes has no root.

Therefore, we just wanna know who has more fans and who people are not feeling anymore.

This is the best way to find out. I’ll count that in the comment section.

Which two artistes are you voting for out of these four?

It’s a competitive game among our top artistes in Nigeria and this particular post serves as “GROUP F”.

The next comparison of “Battle Finale Of Legend” will be “GROUP G” with another set of artistes till will get to the final stage.

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        1. said that the government’s welcome extended to Igboho was to make sure that any form of uprising or riot was nipped in the bud.

          Hazzan said: “We as a government did not invite Sunday Igboho to tackle security issues in the state, Igboho made it clear to all media outlets that he would be visiting Ogun state and our decision to offer him consultation is to nip any form of crisis in the bud. Nobody is welcomed for confrontation in Ogun state

          1. The Governor was welcomed by party loyalist who were so happy seeing him,this is coming few days after the former Governor of kano state Dr Rabui Kwankwaso arrived Benin city to canvass votes from the Arewa communities.