The latest news update on school resumption have said that many politicians have warned the Federal Government against the resumption of schools.’ It is dangerous to reopen schools’they say.


Most of them gave reasons why schools should not be reopened. Some said that reopening of schools will cause a wide spread of coronavirus.





Some said that the safety measures given to schools before school resumption might not be heeded by the schools.



On the other part school children might not be able to adhere to the safety measures given to them. Why in school they might interact with classmates and forget about the coronavirus this might spike the coronavirus pandemic.


But Nigerians are eager to go to schools, colleges and universities. Who knows if they got Federal Government would listen to this to this warnings against school resumption and never give ear to the pleas of Nigerians. So we are all stranded, helpless and confused on what to do next. So why are at home just study,read your books and get ready for anytime school resumes.


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        1. Sometimes I tend to wonder the kind of government we have, coronavirus spread is not dangerous in market places? Is market not more dangerous to schools?

    1. Hmmm… I think school should make proper arrangement for the safety measures and each classroom teachers should ensure that the children are not roaming about to stop the spread
      .. But, God should help us