University Resumption: Here Are 13 States That Have Announced School Resumption Dates.


It’s no longer news that the Federal Government Of Nigeria have given states the go ahead or permission to reopen various schools within their states. So, the power to reopen schools is now in the hands of various state governments depending on their level of preparedness.




However, here are 13 states have announced school resumption dates already. Kindly go through this article to see those states.



Here are the states in Nigeria that have fixed or announced a date for the reopening of tertiary institutions in their states.


1) Benue state: The Government of Benue state have stated that 21st September is the school resumption date for tertiary institutions within the state.


2) Akwa-Ibom: Also, the government of Akwa-Ibom have equally announced that September 21st will be the official resumption date for tertiary institutions.


Here are the 13 states that have announced school resumption dates.





Note: It’s important to note that tertiary institutions that are under ASUU (Academic staff union of universities) might not be permitted to commence school activities despite the resumption date shown in this article. So, once again, congratulations to university students.




What do you think about these 13 states that have announced school resumption dates?.

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