What if Obaseki electoral victory bring an end to godfatherism in the Nigeria political system? Will that even be possible?🤔

These questions has been running through my mind the moment he was declared winner of the Edo state Governorship Election yesterday 20th, September 2020.

He truely proved that Edo Nobi Lagos!

Ordinarily, I dislike the Nigerian Politics, the individuals and political parties. I do not belong to any political party..take note. There is no difference between APC and PDP, they are just platforms that the elites are using to play game among themselves and rob the common masses their quality lives.


What Is Godfatherism?

Godfatherism is a form of political corruption in which influential individuals such as (Bola Tinubu & Adams Oshiomhole) handpicks a less influential candidate, to attain leadership in order to exert authority or influence over them. This has been in the Nigeria political system over years. And one of the major factor why Nigeria is still underdeveloped and backward since 1960.

Godfatherism is an evil building block for corruption, retrogression, under development, mediocrity, backwardness and perpetual poverty of the people.

So now let’s talk about Obaseki’s governorship election victory on Sunday, 20th 2020. Do you think Obaseki’s electoral victory, will bring an end to godfatherism in edo state & Nigeria at large?

I will answer that question to the best of my knowledge, before I handover to you.

I’m not going to talk about the issues between Obaseki and his Political godfather Oshiomhole. We all knows already about negative impacts of Godfatherism in Edo politics and the few individuals that claimed to be God over others. We also know how Obaseki jumped from APC to PDP just to be re-elected for the second time. That’s crazy!

Now to answer the question on Obaseki’s electoral victory and how it could possibly bring an end to godfatherism in Edo and Nigeria.

I think the BLUEPRINT on how to defeat GODFATHERISM In POLITICS has been laid in Edo state yesterday and Lagos state should take a glimpse. Literally, Obaseki have ended godfatherism in Edo state. Oshiomhole’s political career and influences is over. Retired and completely dead! Tinubu is next.

But on the other hand. Godfatherism can not end in Nigeria politics completely. All LGA Chairmen are loyal to their godfather that brought them into power. Not even a councilor is independent.

A Nollywood Actor, Desmond Idiot Oops Desmond Elliot I mean to say, who’s now a politician, justified godfatherism. In fact he admitted that he is a product of godfatherism. If a 49yr old youth could say this, that means no hope again! We’re doomed.

It is obvious that he’s a product of godfatherism, that’s why the only good thing he was able to achieve in 8 years as House of Assembly member, is commissioning an ultra modern toilet. “Not Too Young To Run” indeed! See the results.

Now you see the products of godfatherism?

Anyways let me end it here for time sake. So that everyone can drop their opinions.



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          1. It would better,if it can happen in that way.This is because many politicians like to do good but the case of godfatherism doesn’t allow them to perform as they want.

        1. It would better,if it can happen in that way.This is because many politicians like to do good but the case of godfatherism doesn’t allow them to perform as they want.

    1. The victory of obaseki has exposed God fatherism in the country the more,for every Nigerian to know that the country as a whole is a collective effort and not to be controlled by a single so called individual who does not have the feelings/thoughts of the poor masses at heart.Nigeria is for every single Nigerian and not for the selfish god-individual who sees himself as the almighty.God the creator will continue to expose these evil that has hampered and hindered the growth of unity and peace in the Nation.