There is an increase in the incidence of Kidney failure among blacks now because of certain things that we do daily.


In those days, Blacks rarely come down with chronic illnesses like Chronic Kidney failure but all that has changed because of the lifestyles that we have embraced.



This article is to enlighten my readers on 6 things that people do every day that damage their kidneys unknowing to them. The kidney does not get damaged at once. It takes a long time of harmful practices to destroy it.


Before I talk about these things, it’s good for you to understand the implication of a damaged kidney, I want to tell you what the kidneys actually do.


1. Make urine


2. Regulate the volume of fluid in the body.


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3. The major organ in the production of blood.


4. Produce Calcium that helps in making strong bones.


5. Produce Hormones that help us cope with stress.


6. Excrete Harmful chemicals like that are poisonous to the body.


7. And many others.


When your kidneys are damaged, the body cannot handle these things listed above.


Now in this article, I will show you 6 dangerous habits and activities we do that slowly damage our Kidney;


1. Drinking Alcohol.

One of the things that destroy our kidneys is drinking alcohol. Alcohol contains lots of chemicals that affect not only the kidneys but also the liver and heart.



If you check one of the functions of the kidney listed above, you will see that it removes harmful chemicals, eg, Alcohol. When it is too much the kidney gets tired.


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So next time you take a bottle of alcohol, think about the stress you are giving your kidneys.


2. Taking Unprescribed drugs.


There are many drugs that are nephrotoxic. So when you go and buy drugs without prescription, know that you are risking your kidney.


3. Not drinking enough water.

Every organ in the body needs to be hydrated including the Kidney. You hear some people say they don’t like drinking water. That is a bad habit that damages the kidney slowly.


You have to drink water first thing in the morning and last at night. It is very good for the body.


4. Eating too much Fast Food.


Junk foods contain many processed chemicals that are harmful to the kidney. They contain Cholesterol, Fat, Sugar, and excess salts. These things destroy the kidneys slowly. You may be enjoying the sweetness but your kidneys are suffering.


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5. Skin toning (Bleaching).



Many ladies want to get fairer by all means so they buy toning creams and soaps. My dear, many of these creams or soaps contain Mercury, Hydroquinone, and other heavy metals that damage the kidneys slowly. You have to stop them.


Thank you for reading this article. You can ask any question about your kidneys and how to care for it. I will reply to them and enlighten you more.

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