Full List of Each Clubs in the Group Stage and The List of Awards
Surdhiq Oct 1, 2020 6:03 PM
The Last Season UEFA Champions ended last season with much thrills after various football leagues and tournaments restarted after the global Covid-19 pandemic break. Bayern Munich came out as the winner of the European tournament with the runners-up being the French Ligue 1 team, Paris saint Germany in a match finally ended in a 1-0 win for the Bundesliga club.

However, The Champions League Draw for the team who will compete in the tournament this season was conducted with the tournament board also announcing winners for some awards for the best players in each posstions for players who competed in the competition

The Tournament Defending Champion, Bayern Munich will play against Athletico Madrid, Salzburg and Locomotiv Moskva in Group A

Real Madrid will play with Shaktar Donetsk, Inter Milan and Borrusia Monchengladbach in Group B

FC Porto will play with Manchester City, Olympiakos FC and Olympique Marseilles in Group C

Liverpool will play with Ajax Amsterdam, Atlanta BC and Midjylland from Denmark in Group D

The Europa League Winners, Sevilla will play with Chelsea, Krasnodar and Rennes in Group E

Zenit St.Petersburg will play with Borussia Dortmund, Lazio and Club Brugge in Group F

Juventus will play with Barcelona, Dynamo Kyiv and Ferensvaros in Group G

Champions League Runners-up, Paris Saint German will play with Manchester United, RB Leipzig and Instanbul Basakeir in Group H

Award List:

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