In the music sector, there are different creative ways an artiste draws his/her inspiration/strength when making music.

While some model their inspiration from the street and other hardship of life, others draw theirs from family, friends and enemies around.

Without being biased, it’s almost always easy to tell where an artiste might have picked up the inspiration to create a new piece of music just by listening to his/her song.

To further clarify this, we can all tell where the likes Terry G picked up the inspiration for his smash hit ‘Free Madness’.

Let’s say we want to come off the street and go to them ‘Ajebuta’s’ side. We understand how Davido felt when he was recording one of his big time hit, ‘Dami Duro’.

He made it known to the world that he is from a wealthy home and nobody should dare try stop him.

When an act goes from nothing to something, ‘no money’ to ‘na we dy control the bank’ kinda state, then you hear songs like ‘Big Boy’, ‘Living Things’, ‘Wetin We Gain’ ‘Yahoozee’, and the likes.

Go ask many of the Nigerian artistes who are stars today, they had at one point or the other in their lives gone through worst before the hustle started paying proper.

But mind you, the hustle as we have come to understand from some of these ‘great songs’ is not entirely legit in the eyes of the law or morality.

After cutting corners, bending rules, playing dirty finally get to hammer. This lifestyle has been propagated extensively on some of our biggest songs and they artistes themselves get brazen about it as each day passes.

For Christ sake, why would an artiste just wake up one day, goes on social media and declares that ‘yahoo no be crime’ equating it to justice for yesteryears of African slavery by the whites. “Common bro, that slavery shii is far long gone

Tongues wag, he gets the sticks but he never backs down on his stance on ‘yahoo yahoo’ AKA internet fraud.

As fate could have it whether by sheer sarcasm or folly he makes a record on the very controversial subject to ride the buzz with the title ‘AM I A YAHOO  BOY

I really don’t know what was his motive towards that kind of song and boldly using the term ‘Yahoo’ in its title. Now he alongside his buddies are somewhere in the custody of the EFCC cooling off.

Although, one of them has been set free and he just released two new singles, one motivated by the 4 days he spent under the authorities and the second one speaking positively into the year, maybe he feels at this point instead of glorifying ‘Yahoo’ he did rather pray.

Openly supporting fraud may be the beginning of an end to the rise of Naira Marley and Zlatan Ibile’ music careers. The deed has been done but who is now dancing to the beat?

Naira Marley and Zlatan have no known endorsement deals at the moment but can brands especially those in the financial sector want to get associated with them now? Do you really need am answer to the question?

Imagine if Zlatan or Naira Marley is the brand ambassador to First bank or GTB. How does that sound?

Didn’t they learn from Dammy Krane? How he’s still struggling to get up after being beaten down flat by allegations of credit card fraud in the US. Remember he was acquitted but Nigerians still troll him everyday for it.

Once you get into the books of the EFCC best bet is that your life is being watched closely for the moment you slip up again.

The public endorsement of Internet fraud may be a suicidal path for both Naira Marley and Zlatan and there maybe no coming out alive.

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