Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

Yes our political leaders at the state level are to be blamed over the endless SARS operatives brutalities and harassment on innocent citizens; if you ask me.

Although not all sufferers are innocent. Some of the victims are guilty. But I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about it at this time. #EndSars

I learnt that some people are demanding for #EndSars and #PoliceReform LMAO.

Saying #EndSars and #ReformPolice is like asking President Buhari to step down for Bola Tinubu or Adams Oshiomhole to lead as Nigeria president. They’re all the same! None has the best interests of the country at heart. Just for their personal selfish interest only.

My observations on this endless SARS operatives wahala are as follow:

  • I noticed that SARS harassment on  Easterners and Southerners is totally different from the Northerners.
  • I noticed that the Southern and Eastern governors, senators and other political leaders doesn’t care about the well-being of their subjects. Have you seen or heard any of them condemn the Sars unlawful operations? Of course not.

If you notice, the rate of SARS harassment in states like Lagos, Rivers, Imo, Edo, Delta are high. Because the political leaders in charge of these states are clueless and careless.

Nyesom Wike of Rivers State doesn’t care if SARS kills all Portharcourt residents. Sanwo Olu of Lagos does care. Obaseki of Edo doesn’t give a damn. Okowa of Delta no send anybody. Hope Uzodinma of Imo (Supreme Court governor according to Imolites), doesn’t show any concerns. I also heard he’s good for nothing. Imolites is it true? Is your governor a do nothing leader?🤔

My point in this post is, the cluelessness, carelessness and incompetency of the South-South, South -East and South-West political leaders is the reason why SARS Police and other security operatives treats us like animals.

There’re things a police officer or soldier cannot do in the Northern part of Nigeria. Unnecessary, killing, harassment and brutality? No way they cannot do that over there. Only Terrorists are allowed to do so. Yeah Terrorist groups like Boko-Haram and Fulani Herdsmen.


Channel your anger and blames on your governor, your senators, lawmakers, local government chairmen and community leaders.

Do not blame Buhari..he always respond to things that matters to him. Things he cared for. For instance, when a cow is killed, boom he will he’ll issue a statement immediately to condemn the incident. You get the point now abi.🙄

My advise to you as a fellow Nigerian is, make sure you don’t get killed, because your death means nothing! This is Nigeria. Use your head.  May God help us all.🙏

Our Political Leaders At The State Level Are To Be Blamed For SARS Police Harassment & Brutality On Nigerians –DO YOU AGREE?

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          1. I don’t even know what this Government is calling we people did they think we peoples Are draft

        1. It you are in power today,think very well because you will be a visitor in the same office tomorrow.SARS, YOUR GIRAGIRA IS TOO MUCH.Advice to IG is that,ttey must monitor the set of SARS converted to police in order to rebuild them.

        1. The SARS they so called dissolved are still operating… and doing what they’re doing …this country has no good leaders
          Every single one of them are exactly the same copy