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          1. Please be part of this move and get your own benefits from CLIMAXTREND through the use of your smart phone.

          1. This platform is very important for everyone to involve in it, there is hope in doing it.

    1. Another problem is that the amount listed they will pay when you perform a certain activity is not the amount they pay me why, cos I saw #10 upwards and sometimes they give me #5 I don’t understand

    1. Am a beginner and I don’t know how to share sponsor post on Facebook.when I click it,it will write page not found. Please help a sister. I don’t really understand many things here

  1. I’ve been into it now closed to a month without Earn anything cause I don’t know how to do it the person refer me to climax ran away after the registration I tried to chat with him to ask for help but he keep ignoring my message please who’s going to help me please🙏🙏🙏infact this my WhatsApp number 08130265675

  2. Am not even understand this platform, the person who is register for me is runaway, pls I need some one to help me out on it, this is my WhatsApp number07039373580

    1. But I have issue withdrawing ooo
      I have tried several time, but all to no avail.. I even try contacting the person who introduced me to it, but all was to vain.

  3. Well I notice something is not right . Have been on this for more than a month and the admin guy that help me register this stuff is always ignoring my message which I also read on here that most of the new people are complaining about … something is actually not right …I was told as an activity earner you can withdraw ur money every two weeks is a month plus without been able to withdraw my money …pls kindly let us know what’s going on or let’s know if is a scam because all the people posting on fb ain’t replying message too which is the main reason why am beginning to see this as a scam

  4. Ut I’ve not been able to withdraw since I’ve registered, and the person that introduced me to this platform has not been replying my chat, pls I need your help. Anyone that can help me should pls contact my whatsapp number 09025146607
    Pls and pls 🙏🙏🙏