The decision of the federal government to budget N66million to be paid as rent at the Aso Villa has raised eyebrows.




According to Sahara Reporters, the State House, which includes the offices of the president and vice president earmarked N66.6 million for the payment of Aso Rock rent and N45 million for sewerage charges.


This comes as the reoccurring and unexplained expenditures was inserted into the 2021 budget.


Other expenses in the State House budget include over N116 million for vehicle tyres while N436 million was earmarked for the phased replacement of vehicles and spare parts.



The sum of N67.9 million was budgeted for motor vehicle fuel.


Despite making a provision for over N10 million for the “purchase of giant HD copiers for the library and archive”, the State House would spend N46 million and N22 million for the printing of non-security and security documents respectively.


The 2021 budget dubbed “Budget of Economic Recovery and Resilience” captures N13.08 trillion expenditure and N7.886 trillion revenue

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          1. At the end of the day no matter what happens, it is the hope that we have within our hearts that keeps us going

    1. This is serious,in a situation we need to manage what is available, that little budget, so to say, could be manage by one of the smallest state in Nigeria. God will have mercy on us.

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  1. Who are they paying the rent to ? Imagine the outrageous amount they are mention for cars and parts,while citizen are suffering …God will definitely punish all of u one by one and ur family will suffer in Jesus name …Amen