Following reports worldwide indicating a second wave of the dreaded Coronavirus, the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to restrict international flights immediately.

MURIC’s call was contained in a press statement issued to us on Wednesday by its Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola.


The group warned that the second wave of COVID-19 will be definitely severe, noting that the virus has killed 1.49 million people globally with 64.2 million infected and 41.2 million have recovered.


“We recall that the first index case of COVID-19 in Nigeria which was reported on 27th February, 2020 came in from Italy,” MURIC said.


“A second case was reported within two weeks of the first in Ewekoro, Ogun State on 9th March, 2020. All hell broke loose soon after and the country came under lockdown for about three months with dire consequences. The current economic recession is one of the fallouts.


“Nigeria should not allow a return of the deadly pandemic. In view of the increase in its spread in the United States, France, Britain, etc, the Federal Government (FG) should act now before it is too late.


International passengers troop into the country on a daily basis and there has been no report of quarantines. All passengers have been allowed to come into the country. We believe this is not good enough.


“MURIC, therefore, calls on FG to immediately put restrictions on passengers and crews on international flights. This may be in form of COVID-19 protocols like isolation and quarantine where necessary.”


MURIC said it observed that intending passengers at the local airports have not been practicing social distancing, noting specifically that passengers on queue at the ticket counters have not strictly adhered to it.

934 thoughts on “MURIC Raises Alarm Over Second Wave, Tells Buhari To Ban International Flights”
    1. Restrictions of international flight may affect the economic system of the country but if it affect the economy but not human life is better.Because lifes are more important than anything.

    2. There is need to take very radical step,in order to prevent quick spread of covid-19. Intruders must be stopped to avoid serious spread of the pandemic.

  1. “Similarly, members of the public, political class and the electorates are hereby advised to go about their lawful businesses and eschew any act that will cause breach of peace before, during and after the election as any act inimical will be decisively dealt with in line with the laws of the land.

  2. His saying this because even if it affect the economy, it won’t affect him ….omo iya mi …wise up …this people are same set of people …