Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

We’re working everyday to deliver the best to our members ,

We’re happy to announce that  conversation of  activities earnings #CTN to DATA will be available soon  i:.e  you can use your activities to get data of any network of your choices 😉
Is that not cool?

Spin and win also with your activities earnings will be activate soon I:e with your CTN also Yu can spin and win , you will get your payment immediately 💯

Invite people’s in and get your 1,200# commission 💪

Non referrals will be always bi-weekly payment 💪

If it not #Climaxtrend what should it be ?


219 thoughts on “Notice- from Climaxtrend”
  1. This is really amazing. Climax trend is the best indeed.. can’t wait for it 💕💕💕💕.
    Still waiting for my first alert.. it’s not fair oo..💕💞💞💕

  2. That’s encouraging I believe that this platform can also make it good for everyone to be part of the benefits. Like me I have been trying all possible best to withdraw yet to know avail now how do I tell all my friends who I have boost to about the platform. Help me now so that I can also be proud of the platform and my friends can also enjoy it for real.

  3. wonderful, this is awesome, using CTN to get data, and also spin. this new features will attract members too who are not willing to join before.

  4. Great work….I like what I am hearing….God bless the founder of this platform. Nigeria wahala shall never come near u. Amen!!

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