The Special Assistant to Governor Ben Ayade on Safety Commission, Victor Bassey Effiong, has resigned his appointment, Newspremises reports.


In his resignation letter dated Wednesday, June 9, and obtained by Newspremises, Mr Effiong said that “his ideology does not go in tandem with that of the All Progressive Congress (APC)”


“After a period of consideration I have decided to remain with the People’s Democratic Party which I was a pioneer Youth leader in my Ward Uyanga in Akampa LGA,” the letter read.


“Let me thank His Excellency Sir Prof Ben Ayade for the opportunity given to me to serve our dear state as Special Assistant. This opportunity in no doubt widens my horizons in the affairs of government. Also thanks to my political associates, friends and family for their support while on this special assignment.”











237 thoughts on “Governor Ayade’s Aide Resigns, Says ‘his Ideology Does Not Go In Tandem With APC”
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