In this interview with EVEREST AMAEFULE, the Managing Director of Rural Electrification Agency, Ahmad Salihijo, speaks on the electricity gap in Nigeria and the efforts being made to bridge it


What is the gap in electricity coverage of rural communities in Nigeria and maybe some urban communities? Does it justify a separate agency to handle the electrification of those communities?


The gap is something that has been occurring for quite a while historically in the country and what you find is that we have good infrastructure for ‘on grid’ electricity supply.


With the privatisation process, that infrastructure has been undergoing a lot of improvement. While that infrastructure is being improved, we have our rural dwellers who have not had the privilege of having that sort of infrastructure in their areas yet.


The idea is that while we await the improvement of the on-grid space, Nigerians that are in the rural areas still deserve to have clean, safe, reliable energy.


This is why the agency was created to cater for the un-served and underserved Nigerians that are in areas where the national grid has not been able to reach.


The idea is that whenever the national grid reaches that area, those technologies can integrate with the grid and continue to provide power so that we can have those communities improve on their socioeconomic activities, and will encourage sustainability of those projects as well.

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