From the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) came an admonition that resuming pubic colleges presently could prompt a second flood of the Covid in the nation.






At a public interview at the end of the week in Makurdi, the Benue State capital, the Zonal Coordinator of ASUU, Dr. Igbana Ajir, kept up that resuming the colleges without sufficient course of action set up, for example, inn convenience, accessibility of physical offices to empower social separating in huge and typically packed homerooms, running water, consistent power flexibly just as testing and confinement focuses, would be self-destructive.



On helpless administration and running of unlawful colleges, Ajir considered how the legislatures purportedly transformed foundation of colleges into electorate ventures.


“The guests of these new organizations are clearly more keen on making political capital than having useful tertiary foundations. The most glaring instances of these states incorporate Ondo, Gombe, Bayless and Kogi..


“Furthermore, without satisfactory planning for running these organizations, they will in general depend on TETFund and school expenses as significant wellsprings of financing. Most colleges today think about installment of school expenses as inside produced income, with which to run their foundations and pay part of their staff pay rates. The association denounces this in entirety as it is a pretex for expanding school expenses payable by helpless guardians in Nigeria,” the association criticized.



ASUU additionally depicted as humiliating, a situation where three out of 12 colleges set up by previous President Goodlock Jonathan have been working near ten years without their foundation laws.



He said:”These are Federal University, Wukari; Federal University, Gusau and Federal University, Birnin Jenni. This infers these establishments have been graduating understudies wrongfully and running unlawful projects.



“We are along these lines approaching the overall population and good natured Nigerians to stand and stop this plan to abandon the scholarly quest for helpless kids in state funded colleges in Nigeria.”


ASUU communicated alarm over supposed oppression of their individuals in Kogi State University, Anyigba, where the guest to the foundation had restricted the association without response to the traditions that must be adhered to and sacked more than 120 individuals from the scholastic staff of the establishment that are faithful to the association.



“We are, hence, approaching all branch administrators of ASUU to sufficiently assemble their congresses on sanctions against the college as settled at the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting at Enugu State University of Science and Technology. ”


ASUU communicated stress over supposed misrepresentation of figures showing decrease in COVID-19 disease the nation over “in any event, when there are no trying focuses,” asserting that all such were done to return the colleges.

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    3. They should better open school o because me am tired of staying at home in stead of me spend 5 yrs in school I spend 8 it does not make any sense

  1. Has ASUU ever been serious with anything that had to do with Nigerian Students? Never, they are concerned about themselves & that’s the point..and Nigerians students are not even bothered about it….Nigerian Students should start speaking up for themselves if not OYO will be the case at the end.

    GOD help Nigeria oh

  2. To me the covid 19 pandemic has reduced the rate of spreading in the nation so I think that the ASUU Board should should now implement on reopening of public colleges in the nation.