Conversion of CTN to DATA

#From the office of the CEO ?‍? Good evening to our esteem members? 

 we’ll never left you behind 


Next non referral withdrawal form will be out 30 Jan 2022 anticipate ? 


 CONVERSION of data to CTN earnings Already available ? 

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 you  can now register members free with your activity earnings and you’ll have the Registration fees into your pocket ” more details soon ”  


Daily free airtime will be available on our platform daily ,, I:e check the first or paragraph of the news  


18months existence isn’t a joke

CLIMAXTREND (( MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE)) has been growing beyond coping others ?


Don’t forget to invite your friends to benefits from the watering mouth offers  


Don’t you like what you see ? 

For the conversion of CTN to DATA Mssg this contact through this link ??  

#We’re not closing anytime soon 

#CLIMAXTREND Till Jesus come 

#trust the process

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