Cristiano Ronaldo interview to @piersmorganuncensored on Man United

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New quotes from Cristiano Ronaldo interview to @piersmorganuncensored on Man United ?⤵️


▫️ “I really thought everything would have changed at Man Utd after 13 years. But then I was surprised – in a bad way. Everything was the same”.


▫️ “It seems that young players of new generation don’t care. Dalot is a top professional, Casemiro and Martinez too”.


▫️ “Manchester United made zero progress. Real Madrid and Juventus followed recent technologies, infrastructures. They always tried to progress even in terms of training, nutrition & how to recover from games. Man United is behind clubs like those”.


▫️ “I was close to joining Manchester City in 2021. I was surprised — as they tried hard to sign me. But my heart, my history with Man United, Sir Alex Ferguson made the difference. The heart was speaking loud in that moment”.


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