Manchester United midfielder Fred has told Paul Scholes, Robbie Savage and many others criticising Antony for showboating that they were annoying.


Fred is defending his Brazilian teammate after the 22-year-old came under fire for showboating when the match was still 0-0 in Thursday’s Europa League win over FC Sheriff.


After doing his trademark drag-back spin, twice, it attracted backlash from Red Devils legend Scholes and Savage.


Asked how he felt about the criticism his compatriot has faced after his display of skill Fred told ESPN: “It’s very annoying that they want to say that.”


Fred believes that being a Brazilian comes with such skills and boldness on the ball, encouraging his countryman to keep doing his thing, insisting “We have quality in their blood.”


“It’s always been that way since Pele, to have quality, to dribble, to score, to dance, to smile.


“Of course, if it’s offensive, we’ll come to him in the dressing room and talk. I think he has to keep doing it.”