The former Chief of Army staff, Lt. Gen. Alani Akinrinade, expressed his bitterness concerning what is going on under Buhari’s administration. He said, if things continue this way, there would probably be no place to call Nigeria again, Nigerians won’t have a dwelling place instead they will just be wondering about. Akinrinade said the matter bothers him so much, because Buhari is the person he thought he knew very well.



In Oshogbo, a ceremony was held for the Chief of Army staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, who visited the Osun State on Monday night. Akinrinade who was part of the event said he used the time to send a message to President Muhammadu Buhari, so he could know what is really going on across the Nation, if he had not heard, or had not been told.




Akinrinade, who retired as Chief of all Nigerian military in 1981, said in a statement that the rumors he has been hearing about Buhari were very bad. The first is that the Hausa People are racists who want to take over the Nigerian government. The second is that Buhari is happy with the way the Fulani herdsmen are killing and kidnapping innocent citizens, but because they are his tribe he refused to stopped them. Thirdly, the Boko Haram who are committing all sorts of atrocities. The fourth is that if Yoruba or Ibo is removed from position, it will be replaced by Hausa or Fulani, who are in charge of all the important positions in the Nigerian Government. This are all what the public are saying about Buhari, and what is happening in the Nation now seems to prove all these to be true.



The Former Chief of Army staff said what is happening is not good at all, because it could affect the whole of Nigeria. He therefore warned Buhari that if he did not act immediately on this matter, this country could break up under his administration.


Akinriade said Buhari must stand up, to tell all Nigerians that he is their true leader, the one whom they voted for in 2015, and he is not siding any tribe nor a racist. He also said that the president won’t just say these in words, but his actions would go a long way in this matter, because what he do is what people would see and say.

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  1. God bless you sir for speaking to him on our behalf because what is going on in Nigeria under president Buhari’s Administration is so miserable and uncomfortable,upon all the promises he made before elections, all we see now is rape, corruption, hardship and social injustice.

  2. this warnings against school resumption and never give ear to the pleas of Nigerians. So we are all stranded, helpless and confused on what to do next. So why are at home just study,read your books and get ready for anytime school resumes.

  3. You have said it all , what people see is what they will talk , our president should address this issues so fast before it raise dust and bring the feeling f disintegration

  4. The statement said that the former Governor cannot, under any circumstance, β€œbe distracted by the buzzing of baby mosquitoes like Shaibu and his wife.”