Igbo Believe In One Nigeria – Sen Okorocha

Former governor of Imo State, Senator Rochas Okorocha has said that the South East region of the country believes in one Nigeria.

Sen. Okorachi who spoke to journalists after a meeting of South East leaders in Enugu, maintained that the whole Ndigbo believed in the entity called Nigeria, adding that the meeting was for peace and unity of Ndigbo and Nigeria in general.


“This is a very timely meeting and the whole essence is for peace and unity in our Igbo land and Nigeria.


We believe in the unity of this country and we believe in the entity called Nigeria and all Igbo do believe so”, he said.


He reassured the youths of the South East leader’s commitment to attend to their demands and correct what has gone wrong before now.


“We are deeply touched by the recent happenings and we never imagine that it will take that dimension in Igbo land.


“So, we are here to reassure our youths and also to reassure Nigerians that we will take the necessary steps to correct some of the things perceived as wrong doing and to let Nigerians know that Igbo are part and parcel of this country and we remain so, unquestionably”, Okorocha said.


Responding to questions on the possibility of Igbo leaders to work together despite their different political affiliations, Okorocha said that, “what binds us together is much more than the party line that divided us.




“So we have begun to realise that and we owe it a duty to build a better future for this generation and indeed future generation of Ndigbo.


We are getting old, we are not getting younger at all and we don’t want to be asked what did we do during our time.


“We are making every frantic effort to correct some of the mistake of the past and to give our youth a sense of belonging and a very nice road map with which o coup with things of life. We have decided to come together, be it APC, PDP, on anything that concerns the Igbo Nation of and Nigeria Nation”.

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    1. That’s good.Tribalism is not a good thing to be propagating.All ethnic groups in this country should come together as one that the only way this country can become better

    2. As In ….
      We pray for it and still praying…

  1. The truth of Ndigbo is good morning and urinating anything outside that is mere talk, today They will say they believe in one Nigeria tomorrow they will carry Biafra for head, the outbreak incident in the nation during the endsars protest was mostly cause by Ndigbo who tagged themselves as IPOB’S.

  2. That is a very wise comment from okorocha, we should try to avoid anything that will cause division in this country and that is what he has done, United we stand.