Mr. Ben Akabueze, the Director-General of the Budget Office has disclosed on Tuesday, November 10, that about 428 out of over 700 federal government agencies will not be able to pay workers’ salaries by the end of November following the implementation of the N30,000 minimum wage.

Akabueze, who appeared before the Senate Committee on Public Accounts, associated the development to the new minimum wage, which implementation commenced among federal workers in January, this year.


He said since the introduction of the new minimum wage, most of the agencies had been struggling to pay their workforce in the last 10 months.


However, he assured the committee that government will dip its hand into the service wide vote to cater for the shortfall in the salaries of the affected workers in the said parastatals.

1,230 thoughts on “It Will Be Difficult To Pay Workers’ Salaries In 428 Federal Agencies From November – DG, Budget Office”
          1. Y na y is it difficult to pay workers thr salaries but whn dey ar working is not difficult fear God

        1. If the salary of Senators,Reps and some others are not difficult to pay, what can cause some other parastata not to get their salary.Hun,hun.. Nigerians,why are too much wicked like this.

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  1. But it won’t be difficult to pay senators and house of representatives huge amount of money as salaries about ?? The thunder way go kill all of una us still preparing..unless people

  2. You don’t have money to pay all the agencies buy you employed more than you can paid, who are you blaming? But you have more for top politician, Nigeria there is God ooo.