The Kogi state government has introduced a levy on every loaf of bread baked in the state.

The state ministry of commerce and industry said the levy is aimed at improving the internally generated revenue.


But the state chapter of the Association of Master bakers and Caterers of Nigeria (AMBCN) told TheCable on Thursday that the bakers are against the levy.


An executive member of the association simply identified as Godfirst said the association has begun moves to meet with the consultant the state charged with collecting the fee.



Godfirst said they received a memo from the ministry imposing a levy to be paid “on each loaf of bread” produced.


“The letter was sent to us that a consultant has been given the job to generate fund from bakery to state government; to generate revenue to (for the) state government,” he said.


“We are trying to meet with the consultant but we have not been able to meet with him. We want to meet with him to give us more explanation.”


He said bakers in the state are experiencing hardship occasioned by the pandemic and will not be able to meet the new demand.


“We are not happy about it, presently there is no market. We are facing different types of challenges, and if they are now asking us to pay another tax, we don’t know how we can cope,” he said.


Kingsley Fanwo, the state commissioner for information, was not available for comments when TheCable called his phone number.

1,028 thoughts on “Kogi State Introduces Levy On Every Loaf Of Bread”
    1. We are the one compounding our challenges in the country, why will our leaders just put on each loaves of bread, instead of just getting tax fromm each bakery, and should be very little tax.Everything will later bounce on the masses.

  1. This our govt are so funny, which one is levy on every loaf of bread the fast food for the masses it done even cost already now Kogi govt don’t even want their people to eat bread any more

  2. What kind of evil leaders do we have in this country …the money u people have looted is not enough, now u want to get money from bakers again ??? On Jesus help us ooo

  3. This is very unfair to announce, and the baker’s has every right to be against such levy, instead of the government to demand tax from them why are they demanding levy on every loaf of bread baked? Is it possible?.