OMG!! In a viral video, a Nigerian lady slept with a dog for N1.5 million is dead

The young lady who admitted to having szx with a dog in the Lekki district of Lagos in a viral video has reportedly died.

The woman, just known as Mirabel, died on Monday in a Yaba private hospital.


She’s is dead of brucellosis, a contagious bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Brucella Canis, according to a confidential medical statement at the hospital (B. canis).


The lady had been admitted since Sunday, according to an eyewitness, after collapsing and going into a coma.

The presence of B. canis exacerbated the lady’s other underlying infections. She admitted to my supervisor that she had been having szx with pets for over three years.”


The hospital’s chief physician stated:


“This is something that should be kept secret.” How did you receive that information? Of course, we lost a patient at our hospital today (Monday), and that’s all I have to say for now. You can receive further information from whoever gave you the information. “I am now occupied,” he stated.

According to the article, the deceased lady was forced to confess to the doctor when a test revealed she was suffering from canine brucellosis, which can only be transmitted through a dog.


According to her, bacterial illness in dogs is extremely contagious. Infected dogs typically get a reproductive system illness or a sezually transmitted disease.

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  1. Some people think they can change God’s plan and creation. She is gone but will still face the punishment before God. This is a great lesson to those who want to try this madness.

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