There are ten compelling reasons to enter the Search Engine Land Awards.

There are ten compelling reasons to enter the Search Engine Land Awards.

There are ten compelling reasons to enter the Search Engine Land Awards.

Increase workplace morale, generate new business, dazzle existing clients… the list goes on.

The world events of the last two years have made it more vital than ever for brands and agencies to differentiate themselves from the competition. One of the most powerful differentiators you may have is the ability to name your organization “award-winning.”


That’s just one of the many compelling reasons to enter the Search Engine Land Awards in 2022. Continue reading to learn more.


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1.Boost employee motivation.


Winning a Search Engine Land Award is a fantastic way to highlight your hardworking coworkers and thank them for their outstanding efforts. You’ll be riding those positive sentiments for years.


2.Attract international attention.


Search Engine Land Award recipients come from all over the world, just like Search Engine Land readers. If you win, you’ll be joining some of the world’s most illustrious organizations.


3. Obtain legitimate bragging rights.


The new business is fantastic. It’s humbling to receive industry appreciation. It’s a well-deserved perk to brag to your friends, family, and whole LinkedIn network!


4. Obtain a place on Search Engine Land’s first page.


You’ll be featured in editorial coverage on Search Engine Land, the industry’s leading newspaper, as a Search Engine Land Award winner.


5. Take advantage of possible speaking chances at the Search Marketing Expo (SMX).


Award winners are frequently invited to present at SMX, our sister conference, providing still another opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and raise brand exposure.


6. Show off a beautiful trophy.


Because, at the end of the day, who doesn’t enjoy looking at something lovely and shiny?


7. Take home the top prize in the search.


In. Search. Of. The. Highest. Honor. This is your territory. This is your profession. This is your opportunity. You are deserving of such recognition.

8.Showcase your best work.


Your application’s campaigns and activities will illustrate to the judges, the community, and the industry at large how talented you and your team are.


9.Create new business opportunities.


Customers and clients want to do business with the finest. And that’s exactly what you’ll be if you win a Search Engine Land Award.


10. Existing clients and customers will be wowed.


Aside from new employment, your existing connections will be ecstatic to tell their friends and family that they work for an award-winning firm.

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